Country tin chandeliers are perfectly complemented by tin switch plates and outlet covers. The Country Store of Geneva offers tin switchplates in two styles – punched tin border and punched tin stars, so they can be combined with just about any country décor. They also come in your choice of soft black or pewter. The soft black ones match the arms of our wooden chandeliers, such as the flush mount Derby and the Tin Whistle, as well as most of the iron and tin chandeliers, such as the Peppermill and the Jefferson. The pewter switchplates complement many of our punched tin ceiling lights and blend well with a number of the lighter colored tin fixtures.

Punched Stars Ceiling Light
Punched Stars Ceiling Light

Soft Black or Pewter Tin Switchplate
Soft Black Tin Switchplate

Soft Black or Pewter Tin Switchplate
Soft Black or Pewter Tin Outlet Cover

The switch plates come in a variety of configurations so you can get that “primitive country look” even if your house features modern technology such as triple ground faults and so forth. There is a switch to be had for almost anywhere, so just ask us! See the diagram below for most of the configurations we offer, but we also have some less common configurations that are not shown here. All three designs share the same outlet covers.

Tin Switch Plate configurations

Tin switch plates are easily to install. Just unscrew the old covers and screw on the new ones with the matching screws that are provided. It is as simple as that. It doesn’t matter if your outlet or ground fault is to the right or the left of your switch because all of the switchplates can be turned upside down. The design will remain the same!

I have lately noticed a growing holiday trend! Specifically, I have noticed that rather than have one Christmas tree decorated with keepsake ornaments, people have more than one, sometimes quite a few, with different themes or colors. A friend of mine puts up four trees in her house at Christmas and keeps them in the garage for the rest of the year, fully decorated, sealed in very large plastic bags! Another friend leaves her tree up year ’round and changes the ornaments from Easter to Fourth of July to fall to the holidays!

At the Country Store of Geneva, we have a terrific selection of twig trees. Rustic slim twig trees are dark green and brown with tiny brown twigs and are commonly referred to as ‘”German Twig Trees.” They hold ornaments securely in view as the branches are bendable. When you receive your twig tree, the branches will all be tight up against the main ‘trunk’. You can pull the branches down to a 90 degree angle for maximum width or let them lean up a bit if space is more limited in width. This allows you to display the tree a bit closer to a wall on one side. Keep them up ‘year round and decorate seasonally or a festive woodsy look!

The Country Store of Geneva offers twig trees in five sizes. The larger twig trees have three sections (bottom, middle, and top!) plus a sturdy iron base. The smaller, table-top twig trees are in one piece with a burlap base or a reproduction treenware base.

Tiny Twig Tree
Height: 22”
Base: reproduction treenware grain measure base
Number of traditional brown cord lights: One 50 ct string
Number of silicone lights: One 12 ct string
Tiny Twig Tree
4 1/2 Foot Twig Tree
Height: 4.5 feet
Width: 16”to 20”
Base: Sturdy Iron base
Number of traditional brown cord lights: Two 100 ct strings
Number of silicone lights: Two 12 ct strings

Six Foot Twig Tree
Height: 6 feet
Width: 18” to 24”
Base: Sturdy Iron base
Number of traditional brown cord lights: Three 100 ct strings
Number of silicone lights: Three 12 ct strings

Seven Foot Twig Tree
Height: 7 feet
Width: 25”to 35”
Base: Sturdy Iron base
Number of traditional brown cord lights: Four 100 ct strings
Four 12 ct strings

Eight Foot Twig Tree
Height: 8 feet
Width: 30” to 36”
Base: Sturdy Iron base
Number of traditional brown cord lights: Four or five 100 ct strings
Number of silicone lights: Four or five 12 ct strings

Twig Trees

The smaller twig trees look wonderful in a children’s room. You can even light the little tree up with tiny rice lights and use it as a night-light. We also offer strings of silicone swirl and star lights. Try dressing up a few of your existing tree lights with silicone “slip-over” stars or snowflakes. These tiny silicone decorations fit over the regular strings of clear lights.  The Country Store of Geneva also carries traditional tree lights with a BROWN cord rather than a green cord! They are hard to find and match the twig trees perfectly!

Slipover Snowflakes
Slipover Snowflakes

Primitive Rice Lights
Primitive Rice Lights

String of Star Lights
String of Star Lights

Brown Cord Lights
Brown Cord Lights

We have interesting and decorative curtain rods which can accommodate our homespun country curtains for windows from 21” to 120” wide. They are made in the USA from iron and have swirly tips on the ends.

These iron curtain rods are available in four lengths, all of which are telescopically expandable, so you can pick the length you need. Use one curtain rod for a single curtain or use two curtain rods to create a layered curtain. We have end brackets for both curtain rod styles as well as center support brackets (if needed) to prevent sagging from weight.

One Curtain Rod  Double Curtain Rod

We also offer unique iron end brackets hand forged by a genuine blacksmith in Maine. These end brackets hold both a shelf (buy a 1” x 6” board at the hardware store and cut to size!) and a curtain rod (use a wooden dowel from the hardware store also cut to size). The end brackets are available in three patterns and are sold in pairs, but you can buy an odd number if you need! Choose from stars, ram horns, or hearts!  The nice thing about these end curtain brackets is that you can paint the shelf whatever color you want and put favorite things on it to create a very “homey” scene.

Primitive Star Iron Shelf Bracket  Primitive Iron Shelf Brackets, Hearts Primitive Iron Shelf Braket, Ram

Please call us at 800-232-1220 if we can be of assistance to you in your curtain rod and country curtain plans! You can also visit our store in Geneva, Illinois to see our full line of curtains and curtain rods. We also have a couple of country curtain blogs online also which might help you with your curtain rod plans!

We take great pride in our products made with USA recycled wood!
The stovetop cover, which is now our best seller, is our newest! This primitive kitchen “cover” will not only give your kitchen a quick, clean look, but can also be used for over a dishwasher, a washing machine, or a clothes dryer.
Don’t miss our Primitive Pine Bench and Quilt Clamp Holders, also made from recycled wood. The quilt holders (regular size and mini!) can be ordered in different lengths and look splendid with our tea-dyed quilts and quilt blocks and perfect for baby quilts and make a beautiful addition to any nursery!

Recycled wood stovetop cover
Stove top cover

Clamp Quilt Holder

Clamp Quilt Holder

Quilt Rack and Shelf
Quilt Rack and Shelf Combo

Each piece is unique in its level of distress due to the nature of the wood from which it is painstakingly created. All timber is removed by hand, denailed, cleaned, and sanded to be crafted into the fine product you see. A hand rubbed wax finish enhances the natural beauty of the wood, creating a lovely patina.

Primitive Pine Bench
Primitive Pine Bench

Recycled Pine Wood Box
Recycled Pine Wood Box

End Table
End Table

Primitive 2-Pc Cabinet
Primitive 2-Pc Cabinet

Solid Back Shelf
Solid Back Shelf

Slat Door Cupboard
Slat Door Cupboard

Stop by our website or take a stroll through our store in Geneva, Illinois for more beautiful primitive country items for your home.

Soft and full homespun country curtains give a room cozy comfort. Recently a customer extended this comfort in a unique way! She ordered the Wider Virginia House curtains in a mini check (as shown) and had them lined with what we call “Tavern Tan.” (That’s the fabric used in the very popular but unlined Tavern Swag!) She was our first customer to come up with this idea and we were all amazed and astonished at how nice her country curtains looked.

So we decided to present this idea formally in our 2011 Fall and Christmas catalog. You will see the Betsy Ross curtain done in cheerful homespuns with a tan (we call it tea-dyed) lining. The great thing about lining a curtain with a fabric other than muslin is that where the curtain drapes or folds there is an equally soft color showing. Changing the lining to homespun increases the price by only 10% and dramatically improves the look of a curtain.

Virginia House Curtain

Virginia House Curtain

Betsy Ross Tea-Dyed Lined Curtain

Betsy Ross Curtian with Tea-Dyed Lining

Hodgepodge Country Curtain

Hodgepodge Valance

Expanding this idea even further, we created what is called a Hodgepodge Valance. This valance is made of 7 coordinating fabrics. All of these fabrics go good with each other. The six patterned homespun fabrics look great with the tan (tea-dyed) lining and there is an additional option of using two “patterned” homespun fabrics together, one for the lining and one for the top! Because sun is known to fade curtains a bit over time, we think the lighter homespun might work out better for the lining and the darker homespun for the top. For example, you could use LR (light red) for the lining and DR (dark red) for the front layer of your country curtain!

So we invite you to take a look at this new and different concept of country curtains. And we thank a very creative customer for the idea! Please send us any ideas you might have to create a new and different country curtain. We are always on the lookout for something new!

Have questions when deciding on the size curtains you need? Need swatches? Check our website for ‘Questions about Curtains’!

Visit our Website Today or Visit Our Store in Geneva, Illinois in the beautiful Fox River Valley!

Americana country décor has been a popular theme in decorating for as long as we can remember. The colors of preference are usually not the bright red, white, and blue of the flag, but the more muted colors of burgundy, navy, and off white. From tea-dyed quilts, lamps, battery operated candles and wall décor, there are so many ways to create a homey, Americana feel in your home that is also primitive country!  At the Country Store of Geneva, our best selling blazing star quilt is commonly used in Americana country décor. It is perfectly complemented by the punched star shade light and a primitive star valance.

Blazing Star Tea-Dyed Quilt
Blazing Star Quilt

Primitive Star Valance
Primitive Star Valance

Punched Star Shade light
Punched Star Shade light

Our Old Glory quilts that are burgundy, beige and blue are a perfect match for the Americana valance that features the stars and stripes of the American flag in burgundy, off-white and navy blue. The Log Cabin Braided Rug completes the motif with the similar colors.

Old Glory Quilt
Old Glory Quilt

Americana Valance
Americana Valance

Log Cabin Braided Rug
Log Cabin Braided Rug

Most recently, the Americana Décor craze has turned its eyes to the whimsical portraits of the Founding Fathers by well-known New Hampshire artist, Tim Campbell. Prints of all four of the portraits are currently available at The Country Store of Geneva. They include George Washington, Ben Franklin, Martha Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

George Washington
George Washington

Ben Franklin
Benjamin Franklin

Martha Washington
Martha Washington

Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson

 Personally, we have always loved Americana country décor. It is welcoming as well as patriotic.

Having trouble finding the perfect gift that you can keep on giving?
Need an easy way to seasonally decorate with primitive country?
Check out the all seasons selection of hanging welcome signs at
The Country Store of Geneva.
The black, wooden arrow has a metal tip and metal “feathers” and can be mounted inside or outside with two screws.
The primitive, country decorations attach to the arrow with a few links of chain, which are included with the sign,
and can be changed with the seasons. Give Mom or Grandma one (with an arrow if she is just beginning to collect!)
and you can give her another one every birthday and every Christmas. She’ll love looking forward to the next one and you will have fun picking one out!
There are already over 20 different replacement welcome signs and we are adding new ones all of the time! Below are just some of the seasonal,
as well as year ’round possibilities:

American flag hanging welcome sign
American Flag 

Star Birdhouse hanging welcome sign
Star Birdhouse 

Daisy hanging welcome sign
Smiley Witch welcome sign
Smiley Witch 

Pumpkin hanging welcome sign

Harvest Wheat hanging welcome sign
Harvest Wheat 
Bunny with Eggs hanging welcome sign
Bunny with Eggs 

 Resting Lamb hanging welcome sign
Resting Lamb 

 Pineapple hanging welcome sign
  Santa in Sleigh hanging welcome sign
Santa in Sleigh 

 Snowflake hanging welcome sign

 Glittery Snowman hanging welcome sign
Glittery Snowman 
Any time of year
 Country Rooster hanging welcome sign
Country Rooster 

 Tin Star hanging welcome sign
Tin Star 

 Little House hanging welcome sign
Little House 

Visit our website for all of the different replacement plaques!


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